Sunday, August 15, 2010

Balance of Life

I have written before about juggling one sick child and two healthy ones, it's a constant struggle to keep our family in tact while keeping Kyle safe and Alex and Jack stimulated. We spend ALOT of time at home....that's Kyle's safe zone, I have everything here I could possibly need for any crisis that he could have....and sadly his crisis can come on fast and violent. Sadly the other two kids alot of the time are home with us and while it's nice to keep us all together it can take a toll on them. Both Alex and Jack know nothing different then living life with their brother, Alex was only 3 when Kyle was born and Kyle was only 17 months when Jack came along. They never complain about it but when things come up and they get to go, they are so super excited. The amazing thing about when the kids are not together is that they are constantly calling to check on their brother and me.....this weekend M took the kids to the lake and Kyle and I stayed here to spend some time together...its been an amazing weekend for all of us. The kids and M are having a BLAST, and Kyle (while really not feeling well) has had his Mommy right beside him all weekend (if you know Kyle you know this would make him VERY happy) We have been working on some things that he will need to do to go to Kindergarten (his mother is still not ok with the whole K thing, but he's over the moon!) He's in full countdown mode for K...I'm so scared that his energy level will be so poor he won't make it but I have to let him's not about me anymore, it's about letting him live life to the fullest as much as we can. That my friends is far easier said then done.

Last night Kyle came out into the kitchen and asked what I was making for dinner, since the kids weren't home I had made myself a bakes potato, so I told him I would split it with him....he climbed up to the table and started to cry....I asked what was wrong....and he said, Mommy I'm just sooo hungry. :( He wants to eat by mouth so almost broke me....these are the things that are getting harder and harder for me to stomach.

I'll be back soon with updated pictures!


The Phamily Matriarch said...


J Bug

Lauren said...

Your kids are all amazing. They are the most amazing siblings to one another... like three amazing little puzzle pieces.

I can only imagine how hearing those words and seeing those tears aches at your sweet heart.


Amy said...

Sending you and Kyle a huge hug right now

Leigh, Tucker's Mom said...

Oh Kate,

My heart breaks for you and Kyle, I can't imagine how much he wants to eat:(

You have 3 amazing kids, you are always in my thoughts, good luck with "K", I'm sure there is lots of paperwork and planning to go along with that.


Debbie said...

I understand the dynamics of having 2 healthy kids and the third sick. I believe our kids will be more compassionate than most their age...
I also know how I feel,like i missed out on Hailey being 3 when we were figuring out Hudson was a sick baby...I guess look forward not back, right?

Lots of mixed emotions I am sure, with school approaching...praying it will be a positive experience for both of you!

Sarah said...

I consistently think about how much stronger mothers have to be when having a chronically sick child and trying to balance life with their other children. I can't imagine how much more difficult it must be. Last time I thought about this was when Q was inpatient. I get to spend all my time with her while she is in there, always by her side and she is my only child. It caused me to think about you and Missy a lot. your family does so well with all the medical chaos that goes on with little Kyle, and yet you do so much for everyone. Tiring as it is, you do it because your love your family and that is something to be very proud of! you are one strong mama! And you have one strong family.

Anonymous said...

Love you girl!!! Stay strong! You're a great mom and I'm praying daily for the strength and peace needed.

Remember, you're only required to take one breath at a time!