Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have not even clicked on this blog since November, seems unreal to me. A place that brought me such comfort and love became a place where I started to stop being real...I am and I know it, to sensitive. While I may say that I'm past things and that the small amount of single minded critics don't hurt me....well that would be a lie. It does hurt. It makes me want to drag them in to my world, Kyle's world...separate them from their home, their lives, their loves....and force them to stay up for days at a time watching their child fight for life. My hurt side wants that, my heart is grateful that they will never know my pain. If I have learned things from all of this.....never, ever judge anyone. Ever. Until you walk in their their life....hurt the way they do....
I'm done with that....I miss my blogging...I'm ashamed that I stayed away so long. So on to the update.

The last few months have been tough....Kyle's present condition is hard. His health is not well and we are concerned. His stomach is literally covered with tubes, bags, and wounds. His mental health, our Kyle....glimpses of our Kyle....are few and far between. There is no handbook here, as his parents we are trying our best to help him....he's been thru to much. His body and mind need rest....which is what we are trying to give him. The next few weeks will be full of rest and I hope hospital free, his mind needs that. Here he feels safe....and while his daily wound and bag changes are painful for him he knows that I am doing what I need to do to keep him safe and here with me. So I hope your back with us. We need you... Tomorrow I will update with where we stand as far as Kyle's feeds.