Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I felt that overwhelming urge to blog this morning which felt really good...then I opened up my blog and felt a loss for words. I stared at the blank white page and wondered where to start....things have been, ugh...tough, trying, overwhelming....for weeks we have been trying to make some very serious decisions for Kyle and his future. Probably the biggest ones to date and I have found that to be beyond hard. It makes my Momma heart hurt and it startles me awake at night and fills my dreams with fears. Kyle and I are not getting much sleep and I know that's not helping my current mental state. We have been trying to take all the information we can get our hands on and used that to decide to go back to Columbus in early May and take our last shot at trying to get our sweet boy some relief. It is our last step before heading to Pittsburgh and going the transplant route or I should say having Kyle evaluated. Sadly it looks like Kyle would need at least 4 organs and that's alot for a little boy. It's not where we want to go and it's also not a for sure thing, but sadly we have to start thinking and talking about it. Our other children are filled with questions and we have been trying to answer those questions as best we can but it's hard when you don't have the answers.

Our family has been surrounded by love not only from our family and friends but by our community and our neighbors. I honestly have been in awe of the love shown to our family and I'm beyond grateful. Some of our worries and stress have been alleviated by these incredible souls and I will always be grateful to them.

I'm all over the place, but if your a long time reader you know that's pretty normal for me.;) We head back in to the hospital next week for some testing and a new line for the big guy. After what happened last time Kyle went under I'm petrified but I take comfort in knowing that Kyle's team here is working behind the scenes to make sure our Kyle is safe when this all takes place.. I will update from the hospital next week and promise to keep you all posted. As alwasy...thank you....for loving our Kyle and honestly...for loving us.



Lauren said...

Not one day goes by that we don't think about you and send love your way.

Wishing you and big some peaceful hours of sleep.


Anonymous said...

Alyways praying for your sweet boy, and his siblings. I am sure this is very hard for them also. Lots of (((HUGS))) from TX.

The Ackmans

Amy said...

I think of Kyle every single day. He is always in my heart.
Kyle and your family are so incredibly brave. You have all taught me so much about love and family xoxo

another mother said...

Wish there were words that would comfort . . . just know so many are praying for your little man.

MJ said...

I am praying for Kyle and you.