Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas...early!

So I'm pretty excited, for the first time ever I'm done my shopping before Christmas Eve..I swear every year I have to run to the mall for "something" on Christmas Eve..this year..I'm done! I'm refuse to go anywhere near the mall! :) Which at this point seems good since we are getting a ton of snow this weekend and both boys are sick. I started Kyle on steroids yesterday, that's twice in less than four Sunday he'll be a mess...he should be tapering down by Christmas so I'm hoping he'll be able to enjoy the day! Mark and I have started trying to plan for the 8 weeks in Pittsburgh, I of course want to be in both with Jack and Alex and in Pittsburgh with Kyle. The problem is so does Mark, so it's not going to be easy trying to figure out the schedule. As usual I have let the emotional side of things cloud my brain, thinking to much about the time that I will have to be here in Maine while Mark gets time with Kyle in Pittsburgh...I try so hard to remember that Mark is Kyle's dad and that it's not just about me. But he's my baby....and when I try to be level headed and rational it comes out emotional and painful. So we are working through that...either way Mark and I will be separated from the kids in one way or another for 8 weeks. I've talked to Alex's teacher about this, every time Kyle is hospitalized Alex struggles alot...I think it was the last hospital stay that I realized how close the two of them are. So we'll try to stay on top of that with a little help.

Merry Christmas!



Shari said...

I hope the roid rage isn't too bad this go round. That med just is the pits! I feel for you. I am praying about your trip to Pittsburg and I hope they can help Kyle. He so deserves it and do his parents. You are a wonderful Mom, Kate. I can only imagine the emotions you have running through you. When do you leave for Pittsburgh? May I ask, what are they going to do for Kyle again? Blessings and love to you. Shari

Aileigh said...

Oh, I have come to a little piece of heaven! Welcome to the blog world! :) I will bookmark you and keep an eye on how Kyle does! I hope the roid rage is over soon! Being sick over Christmas is for the birds!

Hugs and Love,