Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trying to keep that holiday spirit!

I'm trying, really trying to keep the holiday spirit. I swore this year that NOTHING would get me down, that I was going to be happy and full of holiday spirit, if not for myself than for the kids. It started last week with the boys being sick, then me, now Alex. Poor Alex who gets the highest fevers and talks all in nonsense. Sunday night she went to bed fine, I was up till 2 am but that's a blog for a different day. At 4 am I hear that high pitched voice that only shows up when her fever is high and she's really sick. This kid gets sick fast, always..in fact when I talked to my sister last night she asked if Alex was in her delerious state with the fever. It's a well known fact that Alex and fevers usually means she starts thinking she has bugs in her bed, or that her brother is not home or who invented the word Christmas (yikes time to go back to Church) or Mommy, why do I like bananas...all these things happen at 4 in the am when her fever is high. She started getting high fevers at 9 months old, when she started with the strange talking I called the ped who reassured me it was normal. Listen, nothing this kid says when she is talking nonsense is normal trust me. So as I try to re-suffle all the things I needed to get done today the phone rings and my grandfather has been admitted to the hospital...seriously...this man is the best..the best. He's been helping me and loving me for more years than I remember...

So it's off to the hospital to make sure my gram and him are ok... He's an amazingly strong man and I know he'll get past this.. I know he will.

If I don't get a chance..I really wish you all a Merry Christmas....I would be lost without you all...




McTriplet Mommy said...

XOXOXO - glad you left me a comment so I had your new blog address! :)


Shari said...

Praying for your family Kate.

The Phamily Matriarch said...

Man, it's crazy that our kids are sick for Christmas! Just not right! I hope Alex is on the road to recovery soon and that y'all all get some real sleep soon.

Love ya,

The Phamily Matriarch said...

Oh, I hope your grandfather is doing okay.

Thinking good thoughts for you all.


pam said...

I hope all is well with your family.


Aileigh said...

Merry Christmas K! I hope things get better soon! I will be keeping your grandpa and Alex in my thoughts!

Hugs and Love,

Shari said...

I've thought of you often the last few days. I hope your Christmas was blessed and truly magical for your family. I continue to pray for Kyle and the rest of you. Love to you.