Monday, February 2, 2009


Yes, Kyle graduated from Speech on Thursday, I have to say I was shocked when they told us he wouldn't qualify anymore??!! What kills me is that he was not talking at all a year ago...maybe Mama every once in a while but that was about it. We had the paperwork filed with the state to get him a communication device...and then he got tubes and his adenoids out and 2 months later he was amazingly verbal...sometimes a little over verbal ;) .

I'm attaching a picture of Kyle's last day of speech with Katie, we all love Katie so it was sad for the whole family!

**I have no updates on the medical stuff yet, Kyle's belly was really bothering him this weekend so it's time once again to start pushing some people.**


Aileigh said...

Isn't it weird! Tater Bug did the same thing! Within 6 months he went from no talking at all to getting discharged from speech! I think the turning point for us was OT. Way to go Kyle! Hang in there!

Hugs and Love,

The Phamily Matriarch said...

Congratulations, Big! That's totally awesome!

Woogie was the exact same way until ear tubes (2x) and adenoid removal. It's amazing how hearing effects speech. Now, we can't get our two to stop talking. They should have big time together this summer. ;)