Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Everything hurts

It does everything hurts, my body, my brain, my heart. I should start this by saying I couldn't be more proud of Kyle...really and truely he is amazing. So sweet, so brave, so strong. (So strong in fact he pulled out two IV's in less than 12 hours ;) )

We have loads of information to process and I promise to blog tomorrow...promise! I just can't put it all into words right now. I will say that Kyle is safe, at home playing with his brother and sister and bouncing back. I could never in this world be more proud of proud to call him my son.

For those of you who texted, emailed, called...thank you...thank you...for the prayers sent our way, I'm humbled by them all.



The Phamily Matriarch said...

I love y'all so much!


Missy said...

He is an amazing little boy! The other night when I was tucking my daughter into bed and saying her prayers, I asked her who she wanted to pray for (like we do every night). She said, I want to pray for that little boy with the bear". I couldn't figure out what she meant so I kept asking her what she meant. She said, "you know, on the computer, he has a green bear by his picture." I realized she was talking about Kyle!

I am glad you are home and have this testing complete. It never gets easier, but you are not alone. We walk this journey with you.

Big hugs!

Lauren said...

Kyle is a gift to all who know him.

I am in awe of his courage (and yours!) in the face of such struggles.

Keeping you in my thoughts always,

mytwolittlewonders said...

Thinking of you sweetie!