Monday, May 18, 2009

Miss me? :)

Life has been insane...literally. Two weeks ago my grandmother went in for a routine colonoscopy and the doctor ended up perforating her bowel which required immediate surgery. She came through it like a champ but it was a very tense couple of hours. The next day my step Mom went in for surgery, and luckily she also came through amazing. Kyle's been on and off sick and last Monday am my laptop fried. I have to say not having Internet access for 4 days was brutal! ;)
I'm sorry for not posting more often over the last 2's been one thing after another...Kyle's new meds are not working and it seems as though things right now things are actually worse. I got a call from his Doctor here in Maine with unwanted news and her request for Kyle to under go more invasive testing to try to rule some things out. She is concerned (boy I hate when dr's use that word) that his stomach over time has shut down. That this MAY be a progressive thing and there is a concern that his bowels will start to do the same thing. It took me days to process this in my head...I'm still not sure on where I stand. We need answers, even if we don't like the results, Kyle deserves that.
So no new pictures...I'm borrowing a laptop until I can get a new one on order..


Lauren said...

Yes I did!

I'm so sorry to hear the medication has not been working. You know you guys are always in my thoughts!!


Mel said...

I do miss you!!! I think of you all daily! Love you!