Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the little things

Since Kyle has started school I find myself overwhelmed numerous times a day with the little things....

~Kyle trying so hard to dress himself in the morning because he is so excited about school. (with a TPN backpack on this can be difficult)
~Kyle making sure I packed his "lunch" so he can eat with the other kids at school
~Kyle pacing in front of the door waiting to hit the bus...then RUNNING down the driveway to meet the bus
~Kyle turning around and telling me he doesn't need me to walk him up the steps of the bus.....big sigh.
~Kyle going to school....making friends.....bringing me art projects, having music class, gym class, and did I mention making friends...his class is filled with amazing kids, who like Kyle for Kyle...
~Kyle coming thru the door and when I ask him how his day was....he says "awesome"

We have been battling a nasty bug that has now officially hit every member of our family, with Kyle of course it's always so much worse. He's tired but so incredibly happy....
Still no date from Columbus, it's starting to make me twitch a little...we need that date. He needs some relief...it's like a ticking time bomb waiting to go off....

We are starting to plan Kyle's 6th birthday party...I say this every single year....I didn't think sometimes he would see 1....so ever year after that I am so incredibly grateful for....we have much to celebrate.



The Phamily Matriarch said...

Bucket o tears! I told you his classmates would love him! I'm so proud of him...and you all for this leap. I love to see him so happy...makes me so happy.

I love y'all

Shonda said...

I read your blog, but do not comment often. I must say reading this post makes my heart smile. I am so glad your sweet boy is enjoying school.

Praying from Tx.

Sarah said...

Aw. Kyle is so awesome. 6 years old. wow time flies so fast sometimes.

Lauren said...

Wow... a six year old! That sounds so substantial!!

He is a kindergarten teacher's dream loving school like he does!!