Monday, January 12, 2009

The history of Mr. Big

It would be impossible for me to go back through the last 4 years and recount everything we have been through...but I'll try to give you the basics...for those of you that are new to our world.

My pregnancy with Kyle was rough..not only did we have numerous scares along the way, numerous hospital stays, but at 32 weeks it was discovered that I was developing pre-eclampsia. At this time I was hospitalized and placed on the dreaded magnesium and told we would have to wait and see. We made it about 12 hours before they said Kyle would need to come...this is the part that I hate...the part that I look back on and want to slap myself. I don't do well on the mag, (although I've never heard anyone do well on mag) I usually end up sick to my stomach, unable to see and a little (maybe alot) confused. So the dr comes in and says we are going to have to induce you tomorrow am, your blood pressure is not getting better it's getting worse so we think it's best to take the baby tomorrow. I was so incredibly happy...this nightmare would finally be over. The dr went on to say that Kyle would probably need to stay in the NICU for a few weeks learning to eat and growing. He may require a little oxygen but that shouldn't last long. Here once again I was a dummy never realizing what the NICU was or that while MOST babies do well, some 33 weekers don't do well...

Fast forward to the next day, labor and delivery was very difficult, out Kyle came and he was instantly taken to the NICU, he cried ever so quietly and that was it...

Within 12 hours Kyle was ventilated and we were told he may not survive. I won't get into all the heartache with the NICU, it was 9 very long was up and it was down..

When we brought Kyle home on oxygen and a feeding tube, we really thought we were in the clear. We again were so wrong. Kyle has had a total of 12 surgeries, he has spent over 1 year and 6 months in the hospital. He has been labeled with BPD, reflux, dumping syndrome and hypoglycemia. He also eats nothing by mouth. A few of you have asked why exactly is he going to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh offers us a fresh set of eyes, they have a very intensive feeding clinic (kyle's stomach is like a cast iron doesn't move so it's having a very hard time processing liquids) Pittsburgh also has some testing that is unavailable to us here. Kyle spends a part of his day in a lot of pain. We are hoping this all will help us get to the bottom of it. Pittsburgh will be hard for him..he'll be away from his family and his friends..

I have to say that Kyle is brave, oh so brave, braver than most people I have ever encountered, so I know he'll do amazing when we get there.



There have been some questions about why we call Kyle "Big" or "biggie" that comes from his NICU days...when he was in the NICU he was a big baby at 4 lbs., I started calling him Mr. Big and it has evolved to "Big". The whole family does fact I don't know when the last time Alex called Kyle ~ Kyle... Some people have asked if it comes from Sex in the City..and while I *heart* that show...nope it has nothing to do with it! :)


Aileigh said...

Wow, K, after following you through Share, I can't believe you were able to put his history into just 3 paragraphs. I hope Pittsburgh finds answers. Have fun this weekend! I am bummed that I don't get to meet Alex!

Hugs and Love,

Miracle Monster Mommy said...

Kate -
Although I know all this - it breaks my heart everytime! But I know Big is one of the strongest little guys I know - and whatever this new road brings you, I know you and him and the family can do it! I hope and pray that it brings him some relief - you know I have time on my hands, so I'm not doing much else!!
Big Hugs as always!
Clarissa Saucier

Tisha said...

Hey Kate,
It has been a long time, but I saw you had a blog and thought I would catch up with you. You are an amazing mother. Kyle is such a precious little boy. I look forward to keeping up with you and your family will be in my prayers.

mytwolittlewonders said...

Big continues to both amaze and surprise me, as do you. I know the transition to Pitts will be a bit hard, but you guys will be in the right place.......and we will surely be thinking of and praying for you all!


The Phamily Matriarch said...

Like Clarissa said, it breaks my heart to know what all the Big has been through. He is one amazing, wonderful little boy I know. His fight is so admirable. Your fight is so admirable. I so wish I could take some of the burden from you know I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I'm glad that in 3 days I will be able to give you a big squeeze. I'm so excited!


Kelly said...

I heart that kid. Oh Peep, I think of you all often, pray for you all a ton and so excited to see you soon.

Love and hugs,


Shari said...

Wow Kate! You were able to do such a good job explaining about Kyle is such few paragraphs. You are a wonderful Mommy. I hope and pray Pittsburgh will help Kyle. Praying daily for you all.

Lauren said...


Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought him back. Aww, he must have been just adorable at 4lbs cause he sure has grown into one handsome lil' big guy!

I wish all the best in Pittsburgh. Your lil' Kyle is brave and you my friend are too.