Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hi all

I wanted to get a quick post out to you before it spreads that Kyle will not be leaving for Pittsburgh on Feb 9th. He has not had the best week overall health wise, and the dr's there feel like we need more answers before they can safely accept him in Pittsburgh. They have recommend we go to Cincinnati for some testing that is not available in our area. It looks like this is our only options right now and we need to do what is in Kyle's best interest. While we know this in our brains our hearts are very heavy today. Kyle has been in pain for a long time, Mark and I both put so much hope in Pittsburgh that we both feel so deflated and sad today.

I will keep my blog updated with our plans...


Kelly said...

Thinking of you all Peep. I know you all were as ready for Pittsburgh as you ever would have been, the not knowing, the possible answers. I can only imagine the feelings you and Mark both have today.

Big hugs and lots of love,

Your Peep

The Phamily Matriarch said...

I know I've already commented on your Share blog...just wanted to swing by and tell you how much I heart you!


Shari said...

Kate: you have been on my heart all week. I am praying somehow there can be a solution found to Kyle's pain. Hang in there!