Friday, November 20, 2009


I have tried to blog for 3 days now and it seems like every time I sit down someone needs something. ;) Kyle's been struggling with the antibiotics he was on for his central line infection they did some pretty bad things to his bum area and we are still trying to get him past that. I have never seen anything like it. His bile output has increased alot and his g tube site area is inflamed, I worry that this is usually a sign days before that a fever is coming but I'm praying we can just get to Tuesday and not get stuck in the hospital up here. I think I'm avoiding thinking to much about next week. I keep telling myself that missing my birthday and Thanksgiving with the other two kids is no big deal, that we need to focus on getting Kyle better, but there is a piece of me that is so sad that the kids won't be with us on that day. We've missed so much as a family....
Alex got her report card yesterday and it was amazing.....that kid is truly a wonderful kid...started a new school, our Make a Wish trip got cancelled one day before we were supposed to leave, her brother being in the hospital for most of her first semester of third grade and that child pulls off an amazing report card...she continues to amaze me.
Jack is Jack....what a blessing he is. He's been doing a great job at distracting his brother and keeping him smiling.

My new blog is coming of my bf is creating it..she's been working so hard on it. I can't wait to show it off! :)



Robin said...


You all are in my thoughts and prayers. All three of your children are amazing!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

I know you are so busy, but I am so glad that you found time to update about Kyle's progress.
I am so sorry that your family is about to face such a hard week, and during Thanksgiving of all weeks! I hope Kyle's side effects from the antibiotics get better quickly.
Your family will be in our thoughts, can't wait to see the new blog.
Leigh, Tucker's mom