Wednesday, November 25, 2009

conflicted and confused

I should start with the scope this morning went perfect! At this time they see no need to operate on that area in his esophagus..they don't want to mess with it. This is good..yes it could come back to haunt us years down the road but for now he's safe to move forward as far as that is concerned! Which is a HUGE relief.

After the radiologist reviewed all the films from Maine he is not convinced there is a hernia in his bowels. He wants further testing done. This is tough to swallow. While we don't want a major surgery for Kyle, we were holding on to hope that these worsening issues Kyle has been having are not because his bowels are not working but that his hernia needed to be fixed and that once fixed his stomach and bowels would start working again. We also were told this morning we could go home tomorrow with a surgery date of seems now with all the testing we won't be going home tomorrow. We also received his muscle biopsy results but they are confusing us also and we are waiting to have them read....

I will update as soon as we have any info.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Your blog title says it all. Thinking of you all. Lots of love, Byron, Chris and the girls.

Lauren said...

Aw Kate, I'm bummed to hear that you may have to stay after all.

Wishing on every star in sight that everything you guys are going through right now passes as quickly as possible and you can all be home sooner rather then later.


Jessica said...

Hi Kate, I'm glad hte scope went well, but sorry you'll be here over the holiday, and sorry the biopsy results are confusing.

Where are you guys? Did Kyle end up in the ICU?

Come by if you want to chat! I am always up late!!!

Jessica :)