Monday, November 23, 2009

I hate being right.

Seriously, I do. Ok, maybe the only time I hate being right is when it involves Kyle. That poor sweet boy had a horrible day yesterday, spent most of the day laying on couch watching the kids decorate the tree...he tried to put a few things up but was more content to lay with me on the couch. He was having horrible stomach pain and it doesn't seem to be much better today. I have emailed the GI dr here but I know they will want us to push thru until tomorrow. So today will be spent trying to keep him as comfortable as we can. He was warm this morning but no fever.

Yesterday he was on my laptop playing and I was watching some TV, there was a man in a hospital bed laying there quiet. Kyle looks at me and says..Momma I not go to the hospital anymore, right? I didn't even know what to say....he knows we are going to Boston but we call it Boston, not the hospital...I'm not looking forward to the conversation tomorrow morning. Poor kid. This is probably the 4th time he's asked us that question since coming home from the last stay....I wish I could say NO Kyle...NO more hospital.



Lauren said...


My heart just sank reading your title. My thoughts are with you today. I hope it is a peaceful one for everyone as you prepare for "Boston".

Much love,

Weerock said...

Oh man, Kate - that hurts my heart.
Poor big.

Huge hugs -