Monday, April 5, 2010

3 weeks and counting

Kyle is still sick...yah 3 weeks. I say sick...actively sick I'm not sure about. But coughing and retching are still really active and I'm starting to get more nervous. Still on steroids and I see no real big improvements. We have dr's appts all week so I'm hoping they can help. We meet with surgery and GI tomorrow, both appts have me nervous and keyed up. I'll update after those appts.

Easter.....I have to say I was nervous about Easter, both Kyle and I have been sick and neither one of us were up to much. Mark's sister was hosting Easter which was a huge relief and took alot of stress off of us. We went, and I'm so grateful we did. The kids had an amazing time playing with their cousin Ethan and Mark's family is amazing to them. The day was wonderful, beautiful weather and great was exactly what we needed after the last few weeks. Kyle is really beat today but that's ok, it's a down day for us...the giggles that came out of that kid yesterday was plenty worth all of it. Watching him play....watching his face....he truly is a kid at the age of 5 that has learned how to appreciate life and all the small little good things it has to offer.

Alex....oh my girl. My sensitive kid, who clearly had a lot on her mind last night. Lots of questions at bedtime about heaven and death and what happens. It was hard to admit to her that I have alot of the same questions. But I promised her I would think alot about it and her and I would talk much on her little mind...again a child who is wise beyond her years.

I hope you all had a magical Easter, we did.



Weerock said...

I so *heart* Alex. Such a sweet soul.
I hate that you and Big are still sick. Hate it.


Stacy said...

Wow, I hope that Kyle starts to feeling better soon, I'm sure the retching and coughing is wearing the poor little guy out. I'm so glad that you guys had a wonderful Easter, it sounds like it was a much needed break from all the sickness and worry! Alex sounds like such a sweetheart.