Sunday, March 28, 2010

Still sick, is that possible...

Kyle is still sick, in fact we've all been sick for the last few days. Jack and Alex seem to be getting past it ok while Big is still struggling. I got hit with it in the middle of the night Thursday night..pretty sure when I realized I was sick (while sitting in Big's room giving him one of his every 2 hour nebs) I thought there was a good chance I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I did have a good laugh on Wednesday afternoon, Kyles pulmonary NP called to let me know that all the meds would be delivered to us that afternoon (all his IV meds) and she mentioned that she had talked to the on call GI dr who asked her if Kyle was being admitted....she thank god had my back and explained to her that Kyle only gets admitted if we are going to PICU and that we don't hit PICU unless we are at every hour's been our agreement since Kyle came home from the NICU. It's at these times I am so grateful for our dr's...who know and trust us! Because Kyle has been so sick for so long, we know when he needs to go in. I can say while it's hard to make the move to the hospital we always know when it's time to go...luckily we haven't been there this time.

I have to say, and I know I say this alot....this kid continues to amaze me...he's getting so big....he knows when he needs nebs, more oxygen, more meds...almost before I know he needs them. While it's good that he can voice what he needs it's also tough sometimes...he's voicing more about his belly and his lungs. You can see and feel his frustrations.

We should have some more info about his surgery this week...we have a long way to go before he's safe to go under for this, I hate how much this sickness has set us back.



The Phamily Matriarch said...

I hate that the bugs have gotten your whole house! Hate it!

Glad that y'all are a little better, and hope that Big is heading in that direction soon...please soon.

Love y'all oodles!

Lauren said...


Kyle is the most amazing kiddo I know!! Wise beyond his years and teaching all us adults a thing or two about life, what's important and what to be appreciative for.


Mel said...

Believe it or guys were my inspiration to run today! Silly as it might sound! Your family and your strength continue to amaze me every day and so for kyle, I ran for him! Love you guys! Mel

mytwolittlewonders said...

Sickness stinks, no way around it, it just does!

Big continues to amaze me. To say he is a smart cookie would be a gross understatement. I remember last summer when he looked at me and said "I need a treatment. Now." He is wise beyond his years.

Hope you ALL get better soon!!

Jessica said...

Thinking of you all. It is amazing at how wise little people can be...I learn so much every day!
Hugs xoxoxo