Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 5 in ICU

I don't have any other title at this point, it seems like each day we think , so yesterday was bad but we got thru it and today will be better....we thought after Friday's emergency surgery that things would improve...we were very wrong. Saturday morning brought lots of pain and discomfort, after another trip from our good friends the anesthesiologist Kyle was able to rest for about 2 hours....and then it went very down hill. He started to gag and then started to vomit large amounts of bile, (Kyle has never vomited in his life he has always had a Nissen wrap to help prevent reflux) his sats dropped to the 40s and he was took over 15 minutes for us to get him back under control and by that point he had aspirated the bile and was really struggling to took hours of back to back neb treatments and lots of extra o2 to see some improvements, it was one of the worst incidents with Kyle that I have ever seen. I had this horrible feeling that we were going to lose him.
We are still having lung issues today but I am so hoping we are over the worst of it, the hard part is we don't know if it's going to happen again. So clearly we won't be leaving the ICU today...We will see the surgeons and GI again this morning to try to figure out why this happened.

Hoping for calm and peace for Kyle today, he's gotten more pain meds and they put some additional pain control in his epidural. Will update tonight.



Stacy said...

I am keeping Kyle close in my thoughts at all times these days. I can't imagine how scared you were watching all that go on with your brave little boy. I'm sending all the peaceful thoughts I can to your little boy and hope that today he finally gets a break and has a calm day with no problems. Hugs to you all.

Patty, Alex, Adrian Lexis Mommy said...


PLease know that if this helps Kyle you & family are in our Rosary & prayers. I know you & Kyle & family have been thru a lot but I hope today is better much better & that you guys leave the ICU SOON.

Alex & is watching out for Kyle & Adrian is praying as he says PRAYER FOR KYLE , momma.

Knowing him is to love him
Yes he will touch your heart once you know his story & who he is.

Love is all around him ALWAYS.
Ever since I read his story I knew he was a hereo as well as his mommy.

I have nothing I can say to make you feel better except I am here & I know everything will be fine. God Bless you. Thanks for updating. Kate.


Sharlene said...

Oh Kate, my heart SANK reading this post!! Prayers continue, more so than ever that they can get Mr. Fiesty some pain relief and everything under control!!!
Hang in there Kate and know you are close to my heart and thoughts!! This is a TOUGH spot to be in!!


emcorrow said...

Oh Kate, what a frightening episode for you yesterday...I so hoped his day was going to continue to improve on Sat. Praying as hard as we can for some relief and healing.xoxo

Anonymous said...

my heart broke reading this post.,.I had hoped that you hadn't updated in facebook because you were finally getting some rest...obviously not.
I am so sorry! I hope you guys figure out why this happened so that you can keep it from ever happening again.
Your family us in our thoughts and prayers all day,

Lauren said...

I came across your blog a few days ago and it is a wonderful blog. I wish I could say I can't imagine how scarry that was but I can... I think my heart goes out to you even more though because I know what a horrible feeling it is. I hope very much you have a better day today as I know you can only hope for one day at a time. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

Lauren said...


My heart is so heavy for your family. I wish there were words. I am holding you guys tightly in my heart today.


Shari said...

I wish I had the right words. My heart breaks as I read this. I continue to pray for Kyle daily.

Brayden'smom said...

I continue to pray for Kyle. I pray that the doctors will find something to make Kyle's pain go away. Please try to think positive and keep your head up. Sending love and prayers to Kyle.

MJ said...

I am praying for some relief for dear Kyle.

Jessica said...

Hey girl hang in there! I know that it's rough, I've been there. Keep strong and so will Kyle. Sorry about your hospital hangover! It's the worst! I would love to chat more with you if you just need a geta way outlet. Many blessings to you and Kyle!