Monday, May 31, 2010


I keep saying in my brain day after day, I can't do physically hurts to watch heart is literally aching and my head is pounding....he looks at us with pain and such sadness and we can do nothing. I realize before anyone jumps that we will continue to do this, to fight for him but there are those brief moments where my breathe is gone and I question if I'm strong enough to keep watching this.

Kyle is pretty much the same as yesterday, pain and lungs are still a large issue...still in the ICU....he will have a contrast study done tomorrow to make sure his new anatomy all looks good still. There is a concern that when Kyle is complaining this much there is always a reason. We are becoming very worried about his mental health, he is very strength....we got him into a wheel chair and went up to the Children's floor to try to get some happiness into him, it didn't work but I'm hoping it was just enough to keep his spirit going. He is missing "his kids" and wants to see them so badly. I know once we get upstairs and they can come in that will help him so much.

I need to keep saying that our Kyle is strongly then any adult I have ever encountered...he continues to amaze us with his bravery and kindness....



Sharlene said...

Hang in there are stronger than you think....we all see it!! Kyle gets it from you & Mark!! Prayers continue!! Keeping you all close to my heart & thoughts!!
Hugs & LOTS of love!!

The Phamily Matriarch said...


Mommy to 4 Miracles said...

You all amaze ME each day...praying for some relief, strength, happiness. xoxo


Karri said...

Hugs for your Momma heart!

Heather said...

Kyle's strength will continue to be yours.

Love and prayers and peace to your sad heart.

Shawna said...

My heart aches for you Kate! Stay strong and positive! xo

Mel said...

Sending you love and prayers. we're home...let me know if you need anything...I'm here...always!

Lauren said...

Kyle's strength makes Superman look weak!

We continue to hold you close in our heart.


Anonymous said...

Kate-You and Kyle are always in my thoughts and prayers. I am hoping for some relief soon, for both of you....



Tisha said...

Kyle has been in my thoughts and prayers a lot lately. He is such an amazing little boy with an amazing Momma.

Weerock said...

Kyle is the strongest little boy I have ever met - he makes us all look weak. Where does he get that from? His momma and daddy. He comes from good genes.

Hang in there Kate. As always, I'm just a phone call away.


RMmom said...

Your son is an inspiration to me. What a fighter! What a sweetheart! Hope it isn't much longer until he gives you a smile.

Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart reading all the pain your family has had to deal with. You have always been a very special young lady with a heart of gold. Kyle, Alex, and Jack have awesome parents. They have awesome grandparents, too!

Hugs to your beautiful children, and prayers and more prayers for Kyle.

Ilse Burns

Patty, Alex, Adrian Lexis Mommy said...

Kyle is an amazing & strong little boy & so are YOU. I am amazez at his strenght.

Please know you are still in our prayers today as always.

If it helps a bit Adrian also keeps praying for Kyle. We love you MUCHO!!!!

Patty & Nelson
Adrian & Alexis

Shari said...

I am so thankful that YOU are Kyle's Mommy! I can only imagine the hurt that you and your family experience along with Kyle's physical pain. I am praying for his comfort and yours, too! Hang in Momma!

Anonymous said...

hello to all of you,. we are still praying. loved the photo of him with his donkey alseep ! love you Merydeth.s Mom

MJ said...

God bless you all.

Anonymous said...

He didn't get the name BIG for nothing!! He's such an amazing little boy with an amazing family!!

Hang in there and know that we're praying and loving you from near and far!!


Patty, Alex, Adrian Lexis Mommy said...

Hugs & kisses sent from Chicago & from Heaven , We love KYLE. You are strong, kind & caring. We are walking with you in heart.


The Rosado Family