Friday, May 28, 2010


There is a long standing joke between us and some of Kyle's medical team that he is "feisty"....he is very strong willed and has been since birth, we say all the time that this quality in him has carried him thru some of his toughest I was once again thankful for Kyle being feisty. Since he came out of surgery on Wednesday night he has been in almost constant pain. He has been telling us for 2 days that the pain was horrible and that he was "sick"....

This afternoon during a bed change I looked down and saw stool coming out of his G tube..the tube connected to his remaining stomach. Major scary red flag, his temp was way up and his pain was unmanageable. The surgeons were by his bed quickly and we were told that he may have a leak somewhere and his stool was leaking from the colon....this is very dangerous and life threatening. He was brought into surgery and it was discovered that the section of bowel where they placed the J tube had collapsed and was obstructed. They had to remove the j tube which is a concern but this was a much better problem then what we thought.

He is now back in ICU and is comfortably sleeping.
My head is so foggy and my heart still hurts....but I am so incredibly grateful that our Kyle is feisty and we still are fighting this fight.



The Phamily Matriarch said...

Feisty and the strongest kid I know...and love!


Patty, Alex, Adrian Lexis Mommy said...


Glad to hear he is finally resting..FEISTY indeed he is. Way to go Kyle, We knew you could do it. Alex is watching out for all of YOU. Thanks for updating I was waiting. Love you

Our prayers are with you.

Lexi Nelson & PattyXOXOXOOXOXOX

Jessica said...

Kate, when it comes to our special kids, feistiness has saved their lives! I'm so glad that kyle is as strong as he is- and that the team was able to get a handle on the situation quickly! I am praying for a quick recovery; I can see why you must be in a fog.

Jessica said...

Beyond fiesty he is...really an amazing little boy. His strength is just amazing. Very thankful they were able to fix the obstuction and ease some pain for him. Always praying for Kyle, you and your family. <3 ya!!


Lauren said...

Wonder where he gets that from.... ;)

Lovin' you guys daily!