Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I know that I need to update but I can't. I just need to say that Kyle is very stable and has been finally given the right combination of meds so that he can rest. We have been up straight since 11 pm last night and he is in desperate need of sleep. He was put under today for more testing and we don't have the full results. It was a horrible day for him and I just can't wrap my brain around all of this. I will update tomorrow after we fully understand everything.

Thank you...for loving our Kyle.


Amy said...

Love to Kyle

Amy said...

Love to Kyle

christa said...

Oh Kate
thinking about you guys... Hoping you all get some needed rest

Lauren said...

Sending our love.

Heather said...

Love and prayers to you Kate and your precious boy.

MJ said...

God bless sweet Kyle.

Janna said...

We are all praying and keeping Kyle and all of you in our thoughts. Don't forget that we are here for Kyle, you, Mark, Alex and Jack...ask for anything.

Patty, Alex, Adrian Lexis Mommy said...

Glad to hear Kyle had a stable day, I feel it he is going to be well soon. I will send some good thoughts & vives. You are all still in our prayers. We love that AWESOME SWEET PRECIOUS BOY KYLE.

I know we dont know each other well but we are here for anything you & your family may need, YOU & your dear family are perfrct example of strnght, love, & belief. WE LOVE YOU. Adrian says HI to KYLE..