Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Big day

Tomorrow Kyle goes back to pre-school. His Mommy is a nervous wreck, he is BEYOND excited. He's asked me about 15 times today if he's still going. He has only gone 5 days this year due to all the hospital time and surgery we've been having lately. I'm feeling the pressure, his case worker sent me an email that the school district here wants to meet about him starting kindergarten next year...how do think about that when your petrified to think about a month from now. Six months ago I felt hopeful about Kyle getting on the big yellow school bus...now...I'm not sure what I feel.

So if you can...wish us luck for tomorrow..I know it may sound silly..but going back is so huge to him..I worry he'll have a fever or his pain will be to bad and I'll have to say no...

Fingers crossed..


For all those waiting and emailing about where we are taking Kyle....Mark and I have made a choice on the hospital but we haven't had a chance to talk to our families yet..and we also meet with his team here on Friday to finalize everything. I promise to update Friday night with details.


Missy said...

I'm so glad that he's feeling good enough to go back to school tomorrow. I'll be praying it goes well and a good plan is made for kindergarten.

Always thinking of you,

Lauren said...


I am so excited that he will be able to go to pre-school tomorrow!! These are days to enjoy... when he WANTS to go to school!!

I was dreading going to class tonight and I think I will go now with a little extra pep in my step, cause Kyle's right- school is pretty cool!

Keeping you guys in my thoughts always,

Anonymous said...

I am so super excited for Kyle! I cant stop smiling. I'm keeping everything crossed!!!

Hugs and Love,

Shari said...

I have little tears streaming knowing he gets to do something like a normal kid his age! I am so glad he gets to go! Praying for everything I know you have on your plate right now.

Debbie said...

Hey Kyle...
Hope you have a fun day at school tomorrow...you will have so much fun, and learn a ton!
We are so excited for you and can't wait to hear about your day!

I know it will tug at your heart... seeing him go...but on the flip side having some "normalcy" is priceless!
Enjoy your day and these moments...my prayers for an awesome day for all of you!

Heidi said...

Kate, thanks for stopping by Jack's site :)

I hope Kyle is having a fun day at school. Its always hard walking in the classroom and leaving them behind when youre worried they may not be feeling 100%. I pray his day is pain free, geting a chance to enjoy some time with his little friends! I hope the school meeting goes smoothly and it gives you a little more confidence about starting K next year. Sending you hugs and continued prayers for your sweet boy--Heidi & Jack.

The Phamily Matriarch said...

I'm BEYOND thrilled that Kyle was able to go back to school today. What a fun day for y'all!

Now, has he filled you in on the fire drill??? LOL