Saturday, January 2, 2010

The latest

So it's been a rough week...we know that..but so far no new infections have grown from the new PICC line, we are still very hopeful that we are in good shape there. The first antibiotic that they put Kyle on was very nasty and his body clearly did not like left his twitching uncontrollably for can take up to 6 days for it to fully leave his system and it does seem to be much better today. it was horrible to watch him do it...really hoping we never need that drug again. Kyle's liver enzymes are creeping up again, hoping that they are better today. If they aren't we'll have to start trying some things to get them back down. I'm hoping for no bumps in the road today, seems every day we get more unwanted news. He had a pretty good night last night, more breathing treatments than normal but his lungs are stressed right now..hoping that will get better over the next few days. Still no plan for home yet...still dealing with pain issues but I keep hoping that they will get better. Working on getting in to see a new dr at Tufts in Boston...hoping for some help from him.

I will update later...I even actually have pictures! :)


McTriplet Mommy said...

XOXO - glad the news is a little better. Still praying for you guys.

Love you

Anonymous said...

So glad there is some light in the darker part of your journey this week. We hope the light gets bigger & bigger & overcomes the dark part.

You are all in our thoughts & prayers daily. You are loved by so many; call on us for anything.


Lauren said...

Any glimpse of good or even neutral news is awesome to hear!

I can't wait for pictures! But, I will, very very patiently. ;)


littlewonders said...

Every little good bit of news, or neutral news helps. Just read your last blog, you have such sweet and smart children...wise beyond their years.

Hoping things turn a corner soon and there is some majic at Tuff's.


Mel said...

Good News! XOXO! Hoping your day continued with no new bumps! Sending loads of love! Mel