Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ahhhh...we are home. We got home late yesterday and it was the best feeling ever....until the delivery guy showed up with this weeks TPN order, along with it came the needles, the tubing, the tape, the central line dressing changes.... I have to admit, it made me incredibly sad...as crazy as it was I had so much hope last week, knowing that by now we wouldn't be off TPN all together but maybe we would be on some tube feeds and we would be cutting out that nasty (but life saving) TPN. It took a good 20 minutes before I kicked myself and started to realize that this is how it is, I can't change it....being negative and sad is not going to help Kyle. He needs us to keep going and to stay positive. We need to help his body heal and we need to keep moving forward (even when it feels like we aren't moving anywhere). His liver enzymes before leaving the hospital were WAY to high, we are hoping that this is just his body reacting to the surgery and the biopsy. We are lucky in the fact that Kyle's surgeon is the man with the medicine to help his liver if we keep trending in the wrong direction. We are still waiting for the liver biopsy results so that will help when we get those. We will get more labs tomorrow and hope and pray that his enzyme levels are coming down.

We would not have made it thru the last week without our family, friends and neighbors, can you imagine they still are helping after 5 long years and they continue to amaze me...being able to have Mark and I both at the hospital with Kyle all week was a pretty wonderful thing. He really needed both of us...and we really needed each other. The support everyone continues to give us blows my mind sometimes, from far and near you all keep us going....thank you for loving us....


I have lots of pictures to upload from the kids being together last night, it's amazing how much they love each other...I think sometimes we under estimate the bond between all of our kids.


Lauren said...

You guys are so easy to love. I'm so sorry you are not where you wanted to be yet so thankful you're home.

Thinkin' of you guys and I can't wait to see pictures!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Kyle, Kate and Mark. I know Alex and Jack have to be so thrilled to have you home.

I'm so glad you have amazing friends, family and neighbors, as well as each other.

I hope that Kyle continues to get better and better, even if it's a slow go.

I'm thinking of you all.


The Phamily Matriarch said...