Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We are all adjusting to being home, I think I forget every time we do this that it's not just Kyle that needs to re adjust, that we all have to....and I find myself always out of sorts. Grateful to be home but searching for that routine that I crave when we don't have it.

I have been in daily communication with Kyle's surgeon, I can feel his frustration mounting. We have seen no improvement since surgery. When I asked him today if I should be losing hope, he said not yet...that his bowel was kinked for a long may just need more rest, more time. Although he said he had hoped we would be further along by now. I told him I still have HOPE. I refuse to believe that we are going to be TPN dependant....that his bowels have stopped working....I know we are going to move forward...but like everything Kyle has done since birth he will do this in his own time. For now we wait...and we hope that he can stay infection free thru the holidays....



Lauren said...


I am holding on to hope right there with you. Hoping that in his own time things will begin to go as had been planned.

Thinking of you always,

Heather said...

"Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark." ~George Iles

Thinking of you and sending you strength in moments and days like these.

Sharlene said...

Hope is a good place to start! As long as you have that, there is room to grow and change from there!!

Sending you huge hugs, lots of prayers, and HOPE!! xoxoxo