Sunday, December 6, 2009

"that baby is driving me nuts"

Oh yah....poor Kyle, clearly everything is taking a toll on him including our sweet preemie most of you know my heart melts over any preemie...there is and always will be a special place inside me set aside for doing anything I can to help a fellow preemie parent or child. That being said....deep sweet little girl (with the parents who are never here) is in need of some attention. The nurses (god bless them) try....but they aren't parents...parents who SHOULD BE HERE. Ok...sorry. I will step off the soap box for now but trust me when I can once again thing clearly I have alot to say about this subject.

We changed the plan yesterday and started pedialyte at 5 mls an hour thru the j tube because Kyle's belly was still slightly distended. That didn't last long, his belly ballooned up and the surgeon said to stop. His lungs also started to go downhill a little and it was Kyle's way of telling us he wasn't ready. Last night was a rough one for him, major pain episode that we still have not figured out yet.

We are going to try pedialyte again nice and slow and hope that we can get that into him without any problems. Fingers crossed.



Lauren said...

I'll be right there to rant away with you Kate!