Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our sweet boy

So here is the latest....

We are losing the line, I'm still trying to wrap my head around this...the dr's feel it's for the best to get this line out...they will take him into surgery tomorrow to remove the line and then they will place a PICC line in his arm until we are sure the infection is gone...at that point they will try to place another central line...as I mentioned yesterday none of those things will be easy...we are running out of spots to put these lines.

Alex, Jack and I are sick...we've all been in bed since last night..which means I can't go near Kyle which is killing me. Mark has been at the hospital with him, and while I know he's in the best hands...I've never not been there with him for this long.

The dr's keep bringing up the mass in his esophagus, some feel like it needs to come out and others feel like it's to dangerous to remove....we are at a loss right now, I'm so worried about him. He's miserable and asking to come home. He's back on the morphine pump....he's complaining about pain alot.

I hate this feeling...



Heather said...

So,so sorry you guys are sick and I know how much it is killing you not to be with your sweet boy.But you have to rest and turn a corner and then you can get to Kyle.He is in good.loving,capable hands but I know all too well how difficult it is when it's not you.Saying prayers for you all.Especially for a new line placement and for wisdom on how to proceed with the mass.I hate that you all are struggling.Most especially Kyle.Love and prayers.

Lauren said...

I wish there were words.

I'm keeping you all in my thoughts.

Mel said...

I'll call you in the a.m. to see if I can do anything for you honey. Shopping, soup? Whatever....feel better! Praying for Kyle! Love you all!

Debbie said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog.

It sounds like your plate is on overfill right now...I am so sorry.
On top of it you and your other 2 are sick????

I will keep you close in prayer and will check your site to see how all of you are doing, and how to pray.

Wishing you and your family health in 2010.

Deb and Hudson

Jessica said...

It is so hard to be away, I am sorry all of this is happening at once. Thinking of you all and sending good thoughts, prayers and karma your way. xoxox

The Phamily Matriarch said...

I hate that y'all are all sick. I hate it more that I'm hundreds of miles away. But, I keep y'all close to my heart ALWAYS!

Love y'all oodles.

Heidi said...

Your children are beautiful,I just found your little Kyle. We also have a Jack, he's 6 yrs old and has MITO, complex I+III, IV. Sorry to hear how miserable your little guy is tonight. Sending your family many many prayers. HUGE hugs K.
Heidi and Jack.
Seattle, WA.

Amy said...

I hope you, Alex and Jack feel better soon.

I continue to pray for Kyle each day--your family is constantly in my thoughts.

I love the pics of your three little angels--they are so beautiful. Alex is such a mini-Kate =)