Thursday, December 3, 2009

wake up, wake up

It's been another long day, this morning Kyle's epidural got pulled out by one is really sure how but when you have over 15 tubes, wires and IV's hanging off of you it starts to get hard to keep track of everything. This left us chasing pain all afternoon but it seems that as of tonight we have a good hold of it.

We need Kyle's bowels to wake up, as of right now we still have no real bowel sounds and we need them to start making some noise down there. We won't know if the surgery was "successful" until after we try to start feeding him thru the tube in his belly.

His spirits have picked up today which is wonderful to see, he actually leaned over today and told me I was the best Mommy ever....which made me giggle, I haven't heard that in a few days. I'm thinking he's not as mad at me anymore...



Lauren said...

Seriously Kate, you have one of the sweetest boys on the planet!

I'm thinking wake up thoughts for you!!


Anonymous said...

good to hear kyle is feeling better!!!! wake up bowles!!! let me know if you need anything!!! merydeth

Anonymous said...

yay..for Kyle..

hope he is out of ICU soon..