Sunday, December 6, 2009

The latest

I have a whole blog floating around in my head, but I can't seem to put it all brain is starting to feel like mush and it's a blog that I don't just want to slap up. So instead I'll give you the latest.

All attempts to slowly start fluids into Kyle have stopped and we are not sure when they will try again. While I know I shouldn't let this discourage me, it is. He had some issues with pain today and it made it tough on all of us. I couldn't stop myself from thinking...what are we doing?????? He needs more time, this will all play out on his schedule, so for now we wait and let his body heal. We are still hoping to go home tomorrow, his surgeon is leaving for a conference and is willing to talk us thru any issues this week....there is basically nothing they are doing here that we can't do at home. Luckily Kyle's surgeon is a brilliant control freak ( I say this with love) and he doesn't want anyone else here making changes without his consent. So that's partly fueling out discharge tomorrow....Kyle still has a long recovery and of course full TPN feeds thru his central line to deal with....but we have been here before so I know we can handle it....and clearly if anything goes wrong off to the hospital we go.

I can't shake the heavy feeling..I want so much more for him...


I have been missing the kids so much this week that I went thru a ton of old pictures....I'm attaching a few.... :)


Lauren said...

I can't get over how much all your kiddos look like themselves from such a young age! The baby picture of Kyle is SO Kyle! No mistakin' those big sweet eyes.

I love that you are in good hands and that your surgeon is so on it despite a badly timed conference.

My thoughts and heart are with you,

Anonymous said...

i am so scared at this point..

this surgery has to work...

my prayers are with Kyle..

The pictures are just too sweet..

Anonymous said...

Am hoping that you're on your way home right about now.

Thinking of you often.

Byron, Chris and the girls