Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quick update

Kyle did amazing and was pretty excited when he woke up that Mimi and Papa were here for a visit. The picc line is in and they just started his transfusion....really holding out hope that this goes well and he has no reaction to it...Kyle is known for reacting to everything so we are holding our breathe that everything goes ok!

They can't run the morphine while he is getting the blood transfusion so it's going to be a long two hours...hoping we can keep him quiet and calm so that we can keep his pain issues to a minimum.

They won't even discuss a possible time to go home...seems like we have some big goals to hit before we can leave...looks like we'll be watching the snow this weekend from our big picture window at MMC... ;)



littlewonders said...



Lauren said...


I'm so glad to hear everything went well. I hope that it is a trend that continues!

Much love,

Mary H said...

glad that went well. Snow from a window at MMC...OK hang in there!
Love ya

Sharlene said...

What a good thing for him to wake up to, surprise visitors! Anything to help him smile!!
Hang in there! Hope the good news continues!!
Love, BIG HUGS, and prayers!!

Namma said...

Sending positive vibes and prayers your way. Thanks for keeping us updated. You know there are tons of us out here wishing Kyle the break he needs.