Monday, March 8, 2010

Day one

Here is what happens when you let a 5 year old color after the surgical team comes in....after listening to them for 35 minutes, Kyle wanted to draw a donkey for his friend came complete with sounds... ;) He felt as though his donkey was far better then the surgeons drawing of his stomach.
Rough few hours, they have started the clean out process for his testing tomorrow...sadly this is far easier then what tomorrow will bring.
Tomorrow and Wednesday are full days of testing for him, they came in today and try and prep us for what he will do through this point I just want it done...we need the results so we can make a plan.


Miracle Monster Mommy said...

Oh my sweet friend Kyle! Sending a big HEEEEE-HAWWWWW your way buddy! Love you so much! xoxoxo


Weerock said...

Gosh he looks like Mark.

He is a very excellent drawer. :)


Anonymous said...

a donkey!!!!!! i love it!!!!! merydeth

Sarah said...

Hey Kate. so glad you guys made it safely. Cute little guy and his drawing :) I really hope that the doctors will have some kind of answers for you. Kyle is an amazing kid and has an amazing amount of support... for him and your family too! Thinkin of you always!

The Phamily Matriarch said...

Bi, you just show em doctors how it's done! :o)

I love that sweet face!


krys785 said...

Kyle is such a trooper.... he's trying his best to keep Mom and Dad strong... Love Love Love that boy.... Hang in there and I for sure will say Kyle's name many times tomorrow... Love and prayers to you all.... Krystal

Lauren said...

Seriously, could Kyle get any cuter! I think not! He rocks that hospital gown a whole lot better than I ever have!!

Such a sweetheart.