Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sick update

Kyle has been horribly sick but yesterday's dr's appt went well, we were able to get IV antibiotics and IV steroids, it's been a little confusing trying to get everything run into his line in the right order at the right time, but again I'm so incredibly grateful that Kyle's dr's have so much faith in us and allowed us to do all this at's an overwhelming responsibility at times but again....we are at home. That's huge to us.

I haven't had time to blog the way I like to, and I'm noticing that it's bothering me....but every time I sit down to write I feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

So for now just know that Kyle is amazing, and strong and brave. As for us...we are still living life for today.



mytwolittlewonders said...

I wish I had words of wisdom for you. Just know we are thinking of you all and sending hugs. Yeah for being able to keep him home :)


emcorrow said...

You are channeling your energy where it needs to be right now...just rest when you can! Hugs


Lauren said...


I'm so thankful you have such wonderful doctors in your corner. I hope the antibiotics work their magic soon.

I know you know that we all love you no matter what blog you "throw up" here and I mean that in every sense! Don't worry about the comments coming back, they will all be filled with love, when you're ready get out what needs to get out. Got your back unconditionally.


Stacy said...

I hope that the antibiotics get Big back to feeling not so crummy soon. I'm so glad that you've got doctors that are willing to work with you to keep you all out of the hospital, I'm sure that helps so much being in the comfort of your own home. Living life for today is the best thing to do especially when things are hard. Thinking of you and sending healthy thoughts Kyle's way!

Heidi said...

Poor baby, praying for you all tonight-rest Kate and no worries about the blogging! Youre amazing.
Heidi & Jack