Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No results

We have no results yet...testing didn't go so well for Kyle and he needs to head to the OR for another test in the am. After that test the dr will take all the reports and come meet with us...

More waiting....trying to get Kyle settled for the night, he was in a lot of pain for portions of the test and it seemed to take alot out of his lungs and his mental health...

Hoping for a quiet night.



Lauren said...

Kyle has been on my thoughts all day. Micah got an ear full of Kyle today... probably thought we changed his name!

I'm hoping for a peaceful quiet night for you both.


Martha age 5 said...

Our blessings for a peaceful night. please tell everyone your friend Martha is also 5 years old that will justify my typing and spelling !! I knew it would make you smile to read all ym errors !!

Robin said...

Thinking of you an Kyle! I hope you get some answers today!