Monday, March 15, 2010

I got into trouble

Ok, I never ever pretend to have it all fact if you know me in real life the words..Kate and having it all together do not go in the same sentence. Three kids, a husband, a dog, a at times gets all jumbled together. Alex has had a killer canker in her mouth since last week..poor sweet girl is having a hard time eating. My parents (god love them) picked the kids up on Friday and quickly stopped to get some anbesol jr for her mouth. This morning when she asked me if she could take it to school with her so she could put it on before snack and lunch I immediately said yes...I mean it's anbesol...JUNIOR...sold over the counter (are you feeling where this is going?!) Fast forward to about 11 o'clock today, I'm unhooking Kyle from his rings and it's Alex's school...I go into panic mode thinking crap..she's sick. But's just the school nurse informing me that I broke a BIG time rule at school by letting Alex bring that to school...if I want to do that then I need a note from her pediatrician. She then goes on to tell me in a very stern voice that I would need to come pick up the anbesol and never let it come to school with Alex again. here is where I know I was wrong...but I laughed...seriously I couldn't help it. She wanted me to load the boys in the pouring rain to come to school to pick up anbesol...freaking anbesol.'s not going to happen. Listen I get rules, I do...I want my kids to understand rules...we all have to live by rules. But this one had me at first ticked and then laughing. Again, I'm probably wrong here but the school nurse was clearly ticked off at me for sending it in the first place...and if you could have seen me..I have on gloves and a saline flush in my hand...trying to not touch anything so that I don't contaminate Kyle's TPN line and she's calling me because I let Alex take ANBESOL to school...

Speaking of Kyle, poor kid had some belly issues this afternoon, not totally sure on why...he was leaking around his tube alot...his lungs haven't been so hot lately, we are guessing it's from the reflux but we'll see the pulmonary dr on Thursday just for a check in. Still waiting to hear from surgery here about the j tube. They were waiting for the reports from Columbus. Hoping we can get this scheduled soon...

We are still way over the moon at being home, trying to get settled and also get ready for Jack's baby turns 4 in a week. Seems totally unreal!



littlewonders said...

Our school is the same way, nothing (Rx or OTC) can come in without a doctors note or a form filled out by the parents. Items have to be left in the nurses office at all times, except for cough drops (if they've first been okayed by the nurse). Yeah, I get. I would have laughed at the nurse too, explained what I was currently doing with Kyle, then told her to dispose of it called a trash can :)


Missy said...

Wow! I couldn't help but laugh out loud reading this! You were performing more complex nursing tasks than the registered nurse calling to reprimand you performs EVER! I actually had this panic moment at Lauren's kindergarten orientation last week, wondering how I'll have the ability to keep up with all of the rules and needs she will have in school next year. I'm at the point where I honestly call it success if everyone gets out of the house fully dressed these days. Not sure how I'll handle homework, notes to teachers, signed papers and things the school wants! I'm proud of you for laughing! What else can you do?


Karri said...


This too made me chuckle. I totally get the rules.. they are there for a reason and very good ones at that. :-)
So you and I totally get a real life threatening emergency, and the importance of having a plan for a kiddo that could have a serious issue. We have a plan with the school for Rachel's epilepsy. Fair enough.
Ian and Will have an emergency action plan at school for their lactose intolerance. Seriously, you might ask? Yes.. seriously. And I nearly laughed when I was told we needed one when Ian went off to Kindergarten. All because I wanted them to be aware of two things.. 1) don't give my kid any dairy to eat, and 2) if he says he has to use the bathroom, even if you've just been there.. you have to let him go.
Therefore because they know he has this diagnosis.. he has to have a plan. So each year we right up the plan.. which ironically says both the boys can self medicate if need be for a special in class treat. What a waste of paper.
Glad you still have your sense of humor!

Lauren said...

You're seriously a doll compared to what you could have said to her! It really puts everything in perspective.

I get rules too and I know kids are pretty darn creative but I'm pretty sure there is no "fun" way to use Anbesol in grade school.. or any other school for that matter!!

Good grief.

Shari said...

I hear you Kate! I sent a COUGH DROP with my son to school and got into trouble for sending that with him because his throat was scratchy. They also told me I needed a Ped's note and I laughed at them. I personally have issues with this rule. You handled it quite well.

stacyat said...

Don't have much time to write a long comment, but I just had to tell you I got a laugh at this. That's too funny they made such a big deal out of anbesol! And the timing of that phone call especially makes it seem all that much more trivial!

So sorry to hear Kyle is having tummy issues again, I hope you hear back soon from the docs and get everything scheduled.


Shawna said...

I would have totally flipped out on her especially because she was "mad" at you for not obeying the rules! Give me a break, like you guys don't have enough on your minds....

I can't believe how CRAZY schools are now!!!

You are a good person Kate!!XO

Anonymous said...

My daughters school did this about sunscreen. They were having field day on the last day of school after lunch, so I sent sunscreen to school with her so she could put it on before they went outside. Well I got a call saying that I needed to come to school and apply the sunscreen b/c they were allowed to do it without a Rx.

Anonymous said...

Seriously ridiculous. I understand wanting to protect children (I teach school), but give me a break. That's just plain ridiculous.

Devan T. said...

Shame on you Kate! I'm kidding of course. That's absolutely ridiculous though. I mean, if it's a rule I get it, but just give me my lecture and throw it in the trash....and thank you, it won't happen again Ms. School Nurse.

I'm glad you're in your safe place :) Hope to see you next week :)

Sharlene said...

Laughing out loud and all too familiar with 'school' rules! Taylor couldn't take 'cough drops' to school (MIDDLE school) the other day for a sore throat, without a dr. note. Guess what I got next time we went in? :)

She has to have a note to wear her 'hat' in school due to her 'scalp' condition. BUT when the school calls and says she's not feeling well, THEY offer to give her Tylenol, as long as I authorize over the phone! Makes no sense to me!

Glad you got a good laugh out of it! Too bad Anbesol is so expensive and it was propably thrown away!!

Hang in there Tough Momma...and Happy Early Birthday Jack!! :)