Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Kyle is sick. A slight cold that has turned nasty and literally thrown his entire system into a tailspin. I'm on the pity train today....not so much for me, I can survive on zero sleep, been doing it for years, but enough is enough for him. Like everyday life isn't hard enough. It's in his lungs, it's shut down his entire gi tract...both his pulmonary dr and GI dr are on vacation. (how dare they go at the same time ;) ) We have started IV fluids in hopes of holding off any dehydration, his output is huge right now...which in a kid like Kyle is normal. His lungs are miserable and we are at every 2 hour treatments...his pulmo and I have an agreement that when we get to every hour it's off to the PICU...until then I can treat this at home. Of course with that comes all my worries of doing something wrong, missing something...harming him in some way. His labs are being drawn today so that will give us a little insight. Until then we keep plugging along and hoping and praying we can stay home!



Weerock said...

Love you guys. I feel so bad - and wish I had some words of wisdom - or heck, something that would make life easier for all of you, and pain-free for big.
Until then - I keep wishing and hoping for peace for all of you.


Lauren said...

Seriously, what the . I am so sorry that Kyle is sick, as if you guys needed one more thing.

Sending lots of germ free hugs your way,


Jessica said...

I am so sorry to hear this...was hoping and praying for some smooth sailing for you all. I am not sure why things have to be so hard sometimes. Thinking of you all and sending good thoughts, karma, wishes and prayers your way.