Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Info that we know so far...

We have met with Kyle's Dr.'s and while the results were not a surprise, we are struggling to understand them.
The motility shows only small amounts of motility in his bowels and colon, while his colon is not as bad as his intestines, it is still troubling.
Chances are he will not regain the motility in his bowels and stomach (we already knew his stomach was not working well)at this point it is their recommendation that we place another separate J tube lower into his intestines to try to push tube feeds through. This with a combination of meds will hopefully help him get off TPN, although there is no guarantee. The fact that his bile output is so bad and with the colon results makes his doctor feel as though in the future he may need an ileostomy procedure...this is not something we want at all so we are hoping and praying we can get food into him. Worst resort is if none of this works, he would need a transplant.
We are still absorbing...he is scheduled for an upper GI tomorrow to check his esophagus and the fistula, there is a concern that he is refluxing past the fistula and the Nissen wrap which will be a very major problem if he is.

Not sure what else to say...except...thank you for sticking with us - we have a long way to go.

Kate and Mark


Shari said...

My words seem so moot! I continue to pray for Kyle! He is such a fighter!


Jessica said...

Oh Kate, I relate to this portion of your struggle so well. I am fighting an ileostomy and dreading the thought of a transplant in Kobe's future. I am praying beside you and hoping for good results tomorrow. Hugs friend...thinking of you all.

Martha said...

Oh Kate, Mark & Kyle, We continue to pray for Kyle's miracle ! Love to you all.

Lance said...

Sending all our love your way.


Mel said...

Reading...praying...hoping...thinking of you all! Mel, Warren & the Girls! XOXO

Sarah said...

ugh! not good news :( but at least you are getting some answers. I feel so terribly for Kyle's poor stomach. I hope that as the stay continues, you will have a pretty solid plan for the little guy. Hang in there.